Big Screen Remake of Flash Gordon Set For Production

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Flash! Ah-ahh! Twentieth Century Fox is reportedly set to remake the campy, candy-colored fantasy epic of the young, uber-blonde Savior of the Universe, Flash Gordon.

Producer John Davis spent over a year regaining the rights for Flash Gordon from the Hearst company. Davis will act as producer on the project with Matt Reilly who will be overseeing the project once pre-production is underway. Responsible for penning the new script will be J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay (from the upcoming Star Trek 3), along with George Nolfi (The Bourne Ultimatum).

flash image 1 Big Screen Remake of Flash Gordon Set For Production

Flash Gordon was first created in 1934 by artist Alex Raymond and tells the story of a man who ends up on the planet Mongo fighting its dictatorial leader Ming The Merciless. A big screen version was made in 1980 starring Timothy Dalton, Max von Sydow and Sam J. Jones as the titular Flash. Legendary rock band Queen provided the music (you know the song).

Producer Matt Reilly was the individual responsible for bringing The Lego Movie to screens from its very inception which could bode well for this remake’s tone. This material is very hard to be taken seriously and this forthcoming remake should adhere to the same campy over-the-top attitude. Even if you had a Christopher Nolan or David Fincher calling the shots in the director’s chair, embarrassing the campiness of the material would benefit this new remake of Flash and his journey to defeat the Maniacal Ming the Merciless.

flash gordon 2 Big Screen Remake of Flash Gordon Set For Production

We’ll have to wait at least a couple of years before seeing this new incarnation of our blonde Savior of the Universe. If Fox wanted to really win audiences over, make the film outrageous, silly, fun, and incorporate a soundtrack chock-full of the same kind of ridiculously rockin’ songs Queen did. The filmmakers could take a page from The Lego Movie by getting a singer / songwriter in the vein of Andy Samberg to lend a comedic flare to the film.

Anyone who saw Seth MacFarlane‘s Ted knows that there’s still a fan base for this kind of material; after all, the re fabricating of eighties products is all the rage now. In an age of self-referential comedy, Flash Gordon is ripe for remaking in the capable hands of filmmakers with a sense of humor.

In the meantime, maybe the original theatrical trailer can hold you over until we hear more.:

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