E3 2014: Bioware Reveals New Details on the Next Mass Effect

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We all remember the Mass Effect 3 controversy, right? The final installment of Bioware’s epic trilogy disappointed many fans of the first two games in the series with an ending that failed to live up to their expectation.

The major flaw with the conclusion, according to these disgruntled individuals, was that choices made in the previous two games had no influence upon it. The negativity expressed online (and directly to the Federal Trade Commission) was so strong that Bioware felt compelled to issue a post-release patch to “fix” the problem.

Bioware announced plans for another Mass Effect game shortly after the third installment released. It would take place in a different part of the galaxy and feature an all-new lead. We gained new insight into this work-in-progress at today’s Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference by way of the two-minute video embedded below. The clip features members of the Bioware Montreal team discussing their work on the project, a few pieces of impressive looking concept art, and a look at the new IP being developed by Casey Hudson and Bioware Edmonton.

The team stresses that they’re listening to what the fans want early in the video; this, undoubtedly, was influenced by the aforementioned ME3 controversy. The point that everything – location, characters, etc. – would be new was also mentioned frequently. The story, according to one member of the team, is meant to be “discovered” rather than told. He referred to it as an “interactive narrative.” “We think fans of the series will be surprised at just how far we’re going,” Hudson states.

Do you feel a Mass Effect without a Shepherd can still find its way? Are you more excited about the as-yet-untitled ME game or the new IP mentioned toward the end of the video? Let us know in the comments below or on the GEEK Facebook page.

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