Blazing Griffin Launches Kickstarter Campaign for The Ship: Full Steam Ahead

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It’s been six years since Outerlight’s The Ship: Murder Party was released via Steam in the United States. The game’s multiplayer had a simple premise – in the 1920’s, Mr. X invites you to a cruise ship and assigns you a person to kill – won it an extremely loyal albeit small group of fans. Each player has Sim-like needs (eating, bathroom trips, socializing, etc.), so you’ve got plenty more to worry about than just offing your target and dodging your attacker. The game also had a single player storyline that’s a little more fleshed out, but the multiplayer was clearly the star of the show.

Blazing Griffin, publisher of The Ship: Murder Party, purchased the rights to the game from Outerlight last year. Earlier this week, the company launched a UK-only Kickstarter campaign (this is the first week the fundraising website is accessible by creative in the UK) to fund an official Steam Punk-inspired sequel, The Ship: Full Steam Ahead. They hope to raise £128,000 (approximately $205,733 USD) by December 30, which the developer will use to “recreate The Ship’s core multi-player experience.” Should it become successful after release, they will continue to develop content for it.

Rather than having a dedicated site for UK projects, Kickstater will host them all on their main site. You may pledge regardless of where you live. Check out Blazing Griffin’s page for information on backer rewards and to drop some change into their cup.

Here’s their pitch video:

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