Blood Of The Young Used To Heal The Old

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People in California are going to be given transfusions of young blood to battle their Alzheimer’s.

In a move that sounds more like a horror movie than science, people with Alzheimer’s disease will be injected with the blood of the young with the hope that it will reverse some of the damage caused by their condition. This decision isn’t just based on theory though, as tests with mice have shown that infusing young blood can lead to improved cognition and healthier organs. It also manages to reduce the physical signs of ageing.

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Transfusing old blood into the young also seems to have the opposite result. Young mice who received old blood aged prematurely, and injuries did not heal as fast in some cases. These findings, if proved in humans, could have huge ramifications for the healthcare industry. If young blood is as beneficial to humans as it has proven to be in mice, we’ll increasingly look to the young to donate their blood. It could also prove to be a game changer for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Want to look younger? Pop on in for a transfusion of a 20 year olds blood!

As the Alzheimer’s disease trial begins, we’ll see the Standford School of Medicine inject the blood of those under 30 into a number of patients. If cognition does improve, they will have successfully developed a somewhat easy method of battling the disease. From there, the team will look to isolate exactly what makes the body react to the young blood, in an effort to make it even easier to administer to patients. Imagine taking a daily pill that made you think faster, heal better, and look younger. It may all sound like a movie, but the future of medicine is going to be an exciting thing.

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