Blu-ray review: “Parker” piles on the hustle and muscle

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Aptly providing another staple Statham train-wreck which you simply can’t turn away from, “Parker” piles on the hustle, muscle, and expected bloody knuckles with energetic fights, steamy sights, and that wonderfully familiar Statham drive.

And while little else is brought to the table aside from a by-the-book action formula and plenty of can-do attitude, Statham’s films consistently close with a time well spent vibe and a better-than-expected luster. If you follow the career of Jason Statham for any length of time you’ll soon discover that when it comes to bridging the gap between Grade A and Plan B films, he’s by and large the go-to guy. And while the same insight can be applied almost equally to the flash and fizzle film cred that follows Lopez, if you find yourself constantly drawn to the dirty action and tough-guy exchanges that always accompany a Statham vehicle, then “Parker” won’t disappoint. Some fans of Donald E. Westlake’s subject matter source may find Hackford’s attempt at projecting the prose somewhat less-than, but like Westlake’s “Parker” Statham nails the no nonsense knuckle-busting style and swagger needed to capture an audience and hold his own.

If you aren’t familiar with Westlake’s novels, the extras menu is here to educate, with a brief but thorough pouring over of “Parker” in the supplements “Who is Parker?,” “The Origin of Parker” and “Bringing the Hunter to Life,” as well as a remarkably deft commentary by Hackford. The remaining feature, “Broken Necks and Bloody Knuckles” is equally short, covering the face value topics of stunt work and fight choreography, but is still well worth your time even at three-and-a-half minutes. So while the premise may be standard as its hero gets red-handed, “Parker” flies high on this rock’em-sock’em ride.

Studio Synopsis: Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief who lives by a personal code of ethics: Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it and don’t hurt people who don’t deserve it. But on his latest heist, his crew double crosses him, steals his stash, and leaves him for dead. Determined to make sure they regret it, Parker tracks them to Palm Beach, playground of the rich and famous, where the crew is planning their biggest heist ever. Donning the disguise of a rich Texan, Parker takes on an unlikely partner, Leslie (Jennifer Lopez), a savvy insider, who’s short on cash, but big on looks, smarts and ambition. Together, they devise a plan to hijack the score, take everyone down and get away clean.

blu ray parker geek 300x385 Blu ray review: Parker piles on the hustle and muscle Studio: Sony
Running Time: 118 minutes
Rating: R
Number of Disks: 1

Special Features:
- Commentary with Director Taylor Hackford
- Bringing the Hunter to Life: The Making of Parker: Gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film
- Who is Parker?: Parker’s character and the film are introduced
 *Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Materials Include:
- The Origin of Parker: Explores the mind of the character Parker from the novels and showing how filmmakers brought him to life in the film
- Broken Necks and Bloody Knuckles: Statham and the stuntmen walk through the fight choreography in the film

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Central Cast: Jason Statham | Jennifer Lopez | Michael Chiklis | Nick Nolte | Wendell Pierce | Bobby Cannavale
Director: Taylor Hackford
Central Writers: John J. McLaughlin | Donald E. Westlake
Theatrical Release: January 25, 2013
Blu-Ray/DVD Release: May 21, 2013
Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
Supporting Cast and more Writers found HERE

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