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If you’re at all familiar with the parody poultry antics of Robot Chicken, then you’ll certainly understand why it was only a matter of time before Green and the gang once again turned their sights comic-wise, this time squarely fixed on the DC Universe.

And while, like the beating of a dead seahorse, Aquaman must again saddle up for another agonizingly hilarious hazing, a running theme anytime he courageously comes up for air on the show, the Chicken chuckle-fest never ceases to impress. Robot Chicken has continuously made their brand of comedy both infectious and all inclusive, so a vast knowledge of the DC Universe is thankfully not required. Nor is the viewing of any previous Chicken episodes or specials, though veteran fans will likely enjoy some nostalgic moments. Professionally polished, but executed in such a way that it always feels like the program was done in a bunker over a weekend, the Chicken crew constantly stockpiles their silly wares in all the right places, mainly, with smartly scathing writing and a wicked sense of timing. And while like all things comic and comedic this rapid-fire rag may not be for everyone, if you’re into seeing superheroes exploit their powers for more than just the occasional snatch-and-save, this special is 23 minutes worth of nugget-packin’ gems.

The quality of the program is equaled by Chicken’s extras menu, as the franchise continues to pack in the pluses. Since everyone involved with the series is constantly battling to get their well earned two cents in, two commentary tracks are offered, one for the writers, one for the voice actors, and both jammed with jokes, jabs, and jargon. The “Making of Robot Chicken DC Comics Special” is what you might expect, but with an unexpected length of only ten minutes. And since the franchise was founded on a format of sketches running in short bursts anyway, the fifteen minutes worth of “Deleted Sketches” are a special unto themselves. Another staple to the menu is the “Chicken Nuggets” feature, which acts like a visual commentary that probes even further into the nuts-and-bolts of the special’s construction, but only contains insights from Green, Johns, and Senreich. This feature runs in tandem with the special and is activated manually with an icon prompt. Unfortunately though, the feature’s content is not offered as a stand-alone supplement, leaving you a bit prompt-punchy at the end. DC fans will salivate over the “DC Entertainment Tour” given to Green, which provides a thrilling look into the heart of operations at DC – stopping at their massive comics library, videogame testing area, merchandise and toy storerooms, and archives vault – if only for a brief seven minutes. The brief glimpses carry over into the final features, including a look at Chicken’s DC themed costume party in “Stoopid Alter Egos,” a dissection of the Aquaman storyline in the “Aquaman Origin Story,” Green, Johns, and Senreich field questions about the series in “5.2 Questions,” and a two minute “Outtakes” reel puts the coop to bed. So with tons of superior sophomoric fun, and constant attention paid to rippin’ Aquaman a new one, “Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special” is spectacular silliness at its stop-motion finest.

Studio Synopsis: The special, which boasts an all-star cast as well as characters Robot Chicken fans have grown to love, provides a unique take on some of the most iconic superheroes from the DC Comics universe – along with others whose powers can’t really be called “super.” The special’s all-star cast includes series co-creator and executive producer Seth Green as Batman, Robin and the put-upon Aquaman; Neil Patrick Harris as Two-Face; Alfred Molina as Lex Luthor; Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern; Megan Fox as Lois Lane; series and special writer/voice talent Breckin Meyer as Superman, plus Abe Benrubi, Alex Borstein, Clare Grant, Tara Strong, series co-creator and executive producer Matthew Senreich, series co-head writer/co-executive producer Tom Root, series director Zeb Wells and Kevin Shinick as co-producer, writer and narrator.

blu ray robot chicken dc comics special geek 300x425 Blu ray review: Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special Studio: Warner Bros.
Running Time: 23 minutes
Rating: NR
Number of Disks: 1

Special Features:
- The Making of Robot Chicken DC Comics Special
- Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’s Aquaman Origin Story
- Chicken Nuggets
- Writers’ Commentary
- Actors’ Commentary
- DC Entertainment Tour
- Stoopid Alter Egos
- Outtakes
- Deleted Sketches
- 5.2 Questions

Additional Resources:
Central Voice Cast: Seth Green | Geoff Johns | Matthew Senreich | Abraham Benrubi | Alex Borstein | Nathan Fillion | Megan Fox | Clare Grant | Neil Patrick Harris | Breckin Meyer | Alfred Molina | Paul Reubens | Tom Root | Kevin Shinick
Creators: Seth Green | Geoff Johns | Matthew Senreich
Central Writers: Seth Green | Geoff Johns | Matthew Senreich
Television Premiere: September 9, 2012
Blu-Ray/DVD Release: July 9, 2013
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Sci-Fi
Supporting Cast and more Writers found HERE

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