Blu-ray/DVD review: “Hitchcock” offers psycho bio

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Affording a look at both Hitchcock the man and filmmaker, and Hitchcock the man and husband, “Hitchcock” stabs deep into the mindset and methodology of the pioneering director.

And while those seeking an exclusive making-of nuts and bolts telling of Psycho might have to wade through the waters of off-set occurrences, the film offers an unprecedented playing out of his life past the studio gates. Hopkins is mesmerizing as the heavily padded Master of Suspense, capturing both his darkened depth and dialect with a studied skill that keeps the performance impersonation free. And Helen Mirren as Alma is equally sound as the master of the master, bringing the always used but seldom contemplated phrase, “behind every successful man stands a strong woman” into scathing clarity. Director Sacha Gervasi puts an almost homey feel to many of the more personal scenes, whether purposefully or by happy coincidence, leaving a pleasant, contrasted style of sorts as the scenes ebb and flow between personal and professional. And while the film aspires, perhaps a bit too much, to thoroughly entertain rather than fully enlighten, whether they’re at each other’s throats or sowing their creative oats, the Hitchcocks are fun to watch. A portly offering of extras makes up the bonus materials, with Gervasi and Stephen Rebello – author of the book “Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho,” and the publication which stood as the groundwork for the film – topping the highlights by providing an entertaining and well informed commentary. Historians and authors always seem to give the best candid insights, and Rebello is thankfully no exception. A wide array of behind the scenes segments also place high on the must see list, from Hopkins’ meticulous transformation to Hitchcock in “Becoming the Master,” to intermittent shots from Gervasi’s cell phone giving him production updates, and an even further probing look into all aspects of the production for those “Obsessed with Hitchcock.” At only 4+ minutes, the feature “Remembering Hitchcock” seems over before it has even begun, but does shed a real life light on the director through the first-hand accounts of his cast and crew, and segments including “The Story” and “The Cast,” short looks at the film’s story and interviews, “Danny Elfman Maestro,” a small tour of the music studio, and “Hitch and Alma,” a small closure segment regarding the fate of Hitch and Alma, share this all too short formula. A lone deleted scene between Hitchcock and his psychiatrist serves as the final nail in the features. So with tons more sweet and sour than simply a woman getting stabbed in the shower, “Hitchcock” offers a lighter and leaner tale of the heavy-hitting director.

Studio Synopsis: Oscar® winners Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are spellbinding in this provocative story about the making of one of cinema’s most iconic films. Plagued by both a reckless ego and nagging self-doubt, Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) becomes obsessed with a grisly murder story that the studios won’t back. Determined, he risks his reputation, his home and even the love of his wife Alma (Mirren), as he sets out to make the film. Ultimately, Hitch wins Alma over, and the two collaborate to create an enduring masterpiece – Psycho.


Studio: 20th Century Foxblu rayhitchcock geek Blu ray/DVD review: Hitchcock offers psycho bio

Running Time: 98 minutes

Rating: PG-13

Number of Disks: 2


Special Features:

- Deleted Scene

- Becoming the Master: From Hopkins to Hitchcock

- Obsessed with Hitchcock

- Sacha Gervasi’s Behind the Scenes Cell Phone Footage

- Hitchcock Cell Phone PSA

- The Story

- The Cast

- Danny Elfman Maestro

- Hitch and Alma

- Remembering Hitchcock

- Commentary with Sacha Gervasi and Stephen Rebello

- Theatrical Trailer

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Central Cast: Anthony Hopkins | Helen Mirren | Scarlett Johansson | Danny Huston | Toni Collette | Ralph Macchio | Jessica Biel
Director: Sacha Gervasi
Central Writers: John J. McLaughlin | Stephen Rebello
Theatrical Release: December 14, 2012
Blu-Ray/DVD Release: March 12, 2013
Genre: Biography | Drama
Supporting Cast and more Writers found HERE

Images: 20th Century Fox

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