The Purge: Jason Blum Talks ‘Fear The Night’, Tackles Halloween Events

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From the production company that brought you the Insidious and Paranormal Activity franchises, comes an interactive Halloween horror event based off their latest flick The Purge.

Earlier this year we were transported to a dystopian future where one day a year, all crime is legal for 12 hours. Now, while the film centered on a wealthy family that’s held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate, The Purge: Fear the Night invites guests to dive right into an expansion of that world which is a fantastic attraction that is part maze/part choose your own adventure.

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GEEK got to take part in in the event and had the chance to chat with producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse before embarking on what is a definite highlight of Halloween happenings for horror geeks who have only until now fantasized about taking part in the worlds they’ve been spectators to.

What inspired you to take your horror properties to another level and create an interactive horror experience?

Jason Blum: I always loved Halloween. I started my career in theater, raised in theater and we got together last year with Blumhouse of Horrors and I had a great time doing that. I didn’t want to repeat it and wanted to do something new and we were making The Purge. When I read the script for The Purge I realized there is so much that goes on outside the movie that is referenced to in the movie. I thought it would be very fertile for a scary event.

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The world of The Purge is pretty much centered on this day where there are no laws. How did you go about re-creating that in a scary event?

Jason Blum: We don’t really kill people. The Purge has parameters too. No nuclear bombs (In the movie). There are rules for the real fake Purge. We have our own parameters. We get as close as we can without breaking them and still abide the great laws of the United States.

What’s next for Blumhouse productions? Any plans to continue to expand on your horror catalogue to take audiences on new ways explore their fears?

Jason Blum: We did a movie called Lazarus with Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass which is a take on Frankenstein – a contemporary take on Frankenstein. I’m really excited about that. It’s new and it’s very scary but feels different for us. I’m really excited about that. We’re doing a micro budget version of Ouija, which we are starting soon.

Spoiler Free Reaction to The Purge: Fear the Night

dsc05561 The Purge: Jason Blum Talks Fear The Night, Tackles Halloween Events

Without giving too much away, this event ups the ante for Halloween events. While yes, mazes and Hayrides are classic fun, The Purge: Fear the Night takes it to another level. It literally throws you into the thick of the Purge and you become part of a struggle to make it out alive – though some may not be so fortunate. You and your group become special delegates to the annual convention of the governing totalitarian party the New Founding Fathers and get to see how the people in power make sure to keep America safe that is until a group of rebels decide to crash the party. What follows is an intense journey through six floors of quests to get you the hell out of the nightmarish violent future that will test all your senses and sanity.

dsc05584 The Purge: Jason Blum Talks Fear The Night, Tackles Halloween Events

The Purge: Fear the Night is currently running in Los Angeles so if you’re in the area check it out! It’s running Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until November 2, 2013 and tickets range from $39-$45 bucks.

Events like this are popping up in major cities and with more demand should be more available to hardcore horror geeks hopefully on a more available basis. Looking for a haunted house perhaps closer to your home? Then check out GEEK’s Sinister Six: America’s Best Haunted Halloween Attractions!

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