Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360 Contains Character Killing Glitch

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There’s a nasty bug circulating Pandora that has caused more than a few players to permanently lose their Borderlands 2 character(s). The Xbox 360 version of Pandora, to be more specific.

A hidden modding option within the game is allegedly the root of the problem. Through it, a player is able to give their character a certain set of skills far beyond what is legitimately achievable in the game. Doing this will enable the aforementioned nasty bug and put your character in danger of permanent death. Anyone who joins the co-op party of a modder is susceptible to the bug, too.

Gearbox, the game’s developer, announced on Friday that they have a patch pending with Microsoft that will fix the issue. Until it’s approved, they suggest doing two things to protect yourself: playing with trusted friends in a non-public session and exiting the game by using the “Save and Quit” in the pause menu. If you’re booted to the title screen after dying in a co-op game, doing the later means your character will likely be waiting for you after hitting continue.

Have you got bitten by the Borderlands 2 bug? Share your frustrations in comment form.

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