BotCon 2014 Is Celebrating the Transformers’ 30th Anniversary!

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It almost seems impossible, but the Transformers are turning thirty this year. THIRTY! To celebrate in grand fashion, you might want to find yourself in California this June for BotCon 2014.

BotCon is an event held annually since 1994, and their sole purpose is celebrating the world of Hasbro’s Transformers. What exactly does one do at a Transformers convention you might ask? Well I’m glad you did!

This year’s BotCon will feature many activities, for pretty much every possible type of fan. Do you enjoy creating your own Transformers themed art pieces? Then you will certainly want to check out entering the various 2014 BotCon contests including 3-D art, 2-D hand drawn (both black and white and colored), 2-D computer generated, and even a category for dioramas.

botcon 2008 box art by markerguru 600x409 BotCon 2014 Is Celebrating the Transformers 30th Anniversary!

From the 2008 BotCon – by MarkerGuru

In addition to the artwork, there is a BotCon Transformers Film-Fest. That’s right, dust off that fan-made Transformers short film and you could find yourself a winner. The film festival winners will be chosen by those in attendance, so, as always, know your audience!

Not much on entering contests but still enjoy modifying Transformers figures yourself? Lucky you. There will be two sessions of the “Transformers Figure Customization” class overseen by well known customizer, Shawn Tessler.

In addition to these opportunities, there will be the “normal” convention events such as an Exhibit Hall where you can stock up on all the latest and greatest Transformers merchandise, the opportunity to trade with other Transformers collectors, plenty of chances for autographs, and of course, the panels and seminars featuring everyone from voice actors to directors of the¬†Transformers¬†franchise.

All that, plus the chance to purchase convention exclusive toy sets, including the awesome looking “Pirates vs. Knights” set make BotCon 2014 a must see for all fans of Transformers, young and old.

Transformers Pirates vs Knights 600x384 BotCon 2014 Is Celebrating the Transformers 30th Anniversary!

BotCon 2014 takes place in Pasadena, California on June 19-22. For more information simply go to the BotCon 2014 website.

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