Brad Bird Officially Denies He’s Doing Star Wars: Episode VII

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One of the most promising rumors regarding Star Wars: Episode VII has officially been debunked. In May, news broke that director Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof and Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff “Doc” Jensen were working on a new Science Fiction film for Disney entitled 1952. Disney’s recent acquisition of Lucasfilm and announcement that they’d be releasing a new Star Wars film in 2015 led many to believe that this was what the trio was actually working on. Half of this rumor was ruled false with the November 10 announcement that Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3) would be scripting the film; over the weekend, we found out we can throw out the whole thing. Two days ago, Bird tweeted in response to a fan question that he was “not doing Star Wars.”

1952 is still alive and well. In a series of tweets that followed his Star Wars denial, Bird revealed that it’s a “Science Fiction Film” and it “is going to be cool.” The film is rumored to be a Close Encounters of the Third Kind-esque tale of a middle-aged man making contact with aliens. Although he has yet to officially sign on, it’s looking like George Clooney will portray the lead.

Here’s hoping more information regarding 1952’s plot soon emerges. While I feel Bird and Lindelof could’ve made an awesome Star Wars film, I believe I’m more excited now that I know they’re working on something new. 

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