Brett Ratner Developing FarmVille: The Animated Series

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What's the one everyone thinks of when playing Zynga's FarmVille? While I cannot answer that, I can say what they probably aren't thinking: "man, this would make a great TV show." It looks like that particular thought will soon be tested; yesterday it was announced that filmmaker & brand consultant Brett Ratner is developing FarmVille: The Animated Series

So, what does FarmVille: The Animated Series entail? Actual farming? People clicking a mouse obsessively? A King of the Hill-esque look at the those obsessed with the game? Right now, that’s all up-in-the air. The only thing known is that the aforementioned Mr. Ratner is co-producing the cartoon with Six Eleven Media. Luckily, the game hasn’t been around long enough for people to complain that the television show has ruined their childhood memories.

Here’s an idea for Ratner: acquire the U.S. Acres license from Jim Davis. Then, re-tell its stories from the perspective of the people who owned the farm. That would probably be the only way you’d pique the interest of my generation and it’d eliminate a good deal of your work.

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