Bump in the Night – The Silversun Pickups’ Brian Aubert shares his favorite creepy movies

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The Silversun Pickups named their third album Neck of the Woods, which vocalist Brian Aubert jokes could be the name of a horror movie not yet created. Given that the new album is both sonically and emotionally heavier than their previous albums — Carnavas and Swoon — GEEK asked Aubert about his favorite horror movies. “I’m a film nut, so that’s a tough question,” he laughs.

Aubert opted to discuss the movies he’s seen that have genuinely creeped him out rather than simply list a bunch of Hitchcock movies or slasher films. Here’s his list, but also make sure to check out the excellent Neck of the Woods — the album, not the fictitious horror film.

1. Creepy Creepy
Night of the Hunter
// “This is one of my favorites. It stars Robert Mitchum as a preacher who marries this woman to get to her supposed fortune and basically kills her. You know, with the old LOVE/HATE tattoos on his hands? It’s the only real Hollywood movie that dove into surrealism. I mean, people break into songs out of nowhere. Literally, I show it to people and it creeps them out.”

2. Creepy Kid Creepy -TIE
Rosemary’s Baby and Don’t Look Now
// “As classic movies go, Rosemary’s Baby is probably the best. It’s interesting to think that there’s a film out there that made people believe the director was a devil worshipper. Don’t Look Now has Donald Sutherland in Venice. There’s this killer running around and Sutherland’s character starts having these surreal visions of this little kid in red. It’s pretty messed up.”

3. Funny Creepy -TIE
An American Werewolf in London and Shaun of the Dead
// “I think one of the other things horror does well, though it rarely works, is blend with comedy. Both movies send up the genres big time, but are completely faithful to the scare factor. They do it completely right and don’t pull punches. I mean, obviously, Dead Alive and things like that are funny and they do all this good stuff.”

4. Contemporary Creepy
Drag Me to Hell
// “I thought that movie was so underrated. We show that on our tour bus on Halloween and have other bands come. No one’s seen it! No one understood it, but the people who have seen it loved it. Again, it’s really funny, but it’s not comedy like American Werewolf. It’s really great, old-school, Twilight Zone-y horror.”

5. Foreign Creepy -TIE
Let the Right One In and Audition
// “Let the Right One In is perfect. I like anything that blends genres together. Horror’s just one aspect of it. There’s also the Japanese movie Audition. That’s the first movie in the long time where at the end of the movie I didn’t realize I had backed up across the room, to the back of my bedroom and had the light on. I say, ‘Fuck you, Audition.’”

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