Caffeine Delays Brain Development

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Doing the Dew (and other jolting drinks) may over-amp your system.

Those caffeine-packed energy drinks your kid is addicted to could be making him a little slow, concludes a study funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The reason: Caffeine has been found to reduce deep sleep and slow brain development among pubescent rats given the caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee a day.

cafine Caffeine Delays Brain Development

This finding is important, scientists say, because puberty is a time when most young people experience intensive sleeping patterns and rapid brain maturation. Anything that affects that process can cause serious health and behavior issues. For example, the caffeine-buzzed rats in the Swiss study, rather than becoming more curious with age, remained frightened and cautious.

The issue of caffeine consumption among young people has become a growing cause for alarm among pediatricians. Over the past 30 years, industry analysts report, the average caffeine consumption among children and young adults has skyrocketed by more than 70 percent.

Want to know more? Just pour yourself a nice cup of java and link through to the SNSF‘s site.


Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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