SDCC 2014: Cape/Cowl/Create Features Various Artists Versions of the Batsuit

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At the San Diego Comic Con, among the many attractions you would see, the one you would expect to get the most exposure is pieces of art. It is called Comic-Con after all, and fans around the world go there not just for the movie, TV and action figure collectable news, but to find out, buy and just marvel at some of the incredible pieces of art on show.

Now we have already covered the incredible real life Pizza Thrower creation advertising the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but if you thought that was the most interesting piece of art on show then this next piece of news may come as a shock. DC Comics and VICE have teamed up to celebrate not only Batman’s 75th anniversary, but also the release of the new game Arkham Knight, with a series of Batman costumes designs the like of which you will never have seen before.

Cape/Cowl/Create took place at the San Diego branch of the Hard Rock Hotel.  A wide array of artists from many different scenes (graffiti, tattoos, etc) were given the Dark Knights costume as a blank canvas for their artistic ideas and expression. And they certainly expressed themselves, given us an array of eclectic designs to look over. Below is a gallery of these designs so you can see what you think of how artists from all walks of life see the Dark Knight, and show us how they would like to see him if they were in charge.

As you can see (and would expect from so varied a collection of artists) the designs differ quite a bit stylistically. For example, the Frank Lero version of the costume gives off a very hard edged feel and would not look amiss in the movie The Purge, while the Sarah Blake costume has a lot more color to it, almost like a variant costume that a 70′s Robin would wear. Some personal favorites include Mr. Cartoon’s use of air brushing art (the kind that is used on vans and some T-Shirt designs) to make a chrome looking costume, Derek Deal’s Joker version, Conrad Leach’s biker skulled style Batsuit, the retro based art of Nathan Sawaya and director Zack Synder’s Rorschach. Heck, even Will Arnett (who voiced Batman in The Lego Movie) had a go. So much diversity on such a small canvas is a joy to behold. With such an iconic costume used in such inventive ways it would be interesting to see other DC characters given the same treatment in the future, but for now we have this interesting array of designs to keep us entertained.

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Images: DC Comics, SDCC 2014, VICE and the above mentioned artists

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