Casting Underway for The CW’s Wonder Woman Reimaging, Amazon

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Warner Brothers is once again searching for a Wonder Woman. This won’t be for the long-discussed movie, though; it’s for Amazon, The CW’s next reimagining of a DC Comics character. 

This Wonder Woman, according to information obtained by Deadline, will be quite different from the one we’re accustomed to seeing. Her name has been changed from Diana to Iris and she’ll be quite a few years younger, possibly a teenager. The show will follow her as “a young Amazonian, before she becomes a warrior princess with super powers.” She’ll also be a “leader” in the Amazonian army. Does that mean we can expect at least one “THIS Amazon Doesn’t take orders” joke? Hope so.   

The brutality of Iris’ homeland eventually inspires her to explore areas outside of it. According to a story breakdown from the Deadline post, she will be “delighted” and “horrified” by the trappings of life we often take for granted. She will supposedly lack social graces, too. Thankfully, Pauly Shore and Sean Astin are there to help her acclimate to life in the civilized world. Wait, I could be wrong about that last part. 

The pilot script is being written by Allan Heinberg, whose TV credits include Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C. and Gilmore Girls. He also had a hand in Marvel’s Young Avengers

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