CBS Bringing Classic and Modern Shows to Hulu in 2013

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Today, CBS announced that they’ve finally given in to public demand and inked a deal with Hulu. This “non-exclusive, multi-year licensing agreement” will bring more than 2,600 episodes of CBS-owned programming to Hulu Plus subscribers. A rotating group of programs will be available to non-subscribers, too.

So, what all is to be added? Beginning in January, Star Trek, I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, Numbers, Medium and CSI: Miami will be streamable. Clips from Entertainment Tonight will be available on the day they’re broadcast. What other programs we should expect and when we should expect them wasn’t addressed in the press release announcing the deal.

The latest episode of recent CBS hits like The Big Bang Theory, Elementary and Person of Interest are currently accessible through Hulu, sort of. Each of those titles has a page on the site; however, viewers are ultimately redirected to CBS.COM for streaming. Would having full seasons of each of these shows available to Hulu Plus subscribers bring more interest to the service? I think so and would probably be convinced to pay service’s monthly fee ($7.99) if it happened.

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