CES 2013: Nvidia Introduces Project SHIELD, a Handheld Gaming System

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Ni3's Piston wasn't the only piece of Steam-related hardware revealed this week at CES. There was also a handheld!

The Nvidia SHIELD is a portable gaming system capable of playing both PC and Android titles. It runs on the “World’s Fastest Mobile Processor – Nvidia Marketing Department,” the Nvidia Tegra 4 (Boasts a 72-core Custom GeForce GPU. Can someone tell me what that is?). Fans of lengthy portable gaming sessions will be happy to know that it also has PRISM energy-saver tech that should allow it to run for quite some time. The system was shown to be powerful enough to run Borderlands 2 on the show floor.

The unit itself looks a bit like an Xbox 360 controller attached to a small screen. Said screen is a 5″, touch-enabled 720p display. The sound will be pumped through a “tuned port audio system.” If that’s not enough for you, you’ll also be able to use Project SHIELD as a traditional controller for your PC.

Now, tell me, how much would you pay for such a device? $200? $300? 500? As far as cost goes, Nvidia currently isn’t telling. Project SHIELD looks quite impressive; however, the price will need to be pretty competitive to be viable in the handheld market.

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