CES 2013: Samsung Introduces New Smart Hub

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Samsung introduced their new Smart Hub at CES today. It, much like the recently released Nintendo TVii, is an interactive television portable that will assist you in discovering new video content and a number of other things.

Via Samsung’s hub, up to five of your home screens will be able to do what you’ve likely grown accustomed to doing on other devices. There’ll be apps (Skype included), an on-screen TV guide, show recommendations based on viewing history, social networking hooks, a web browser, navigation through gestures and more. The Samsung Smart Hub really doesn’t do anything unique; however, its slick user interface will likely inspire many to overlook its lack of innovation.

Samsung’s Smart Hub will be pre-loaded on several of the company’s 2013 line of television sets. Are you ready to have a giant iPad on your wall?

Here’s a video of the Smart Hub being demonstrated at Samsung’s 2013 CES Press Conference:

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