CES 2014: SNL’s Cecily Strong Brings Laughs to Yahoo Keynote

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Cecily Strong joined Yahoo's Marissa Mayer at this year's CES to give not only the rundown of the year's top tech stories, but also a preview of what to expect in coming months on SNL's Weekend Update.

Thanks in large part to the somewhat recent partnership of Saturday Night Live and Yahoo, Cecily Strong took to the stage during Yahoo’s presentation at this year’s CES. In what can only be seen as a bit of a dry run for when she takes over Weekend Update hosting duties after Seth Meyers’ departure, Strong gave the CES audience a somewhat entertaining list of the top tech stories of 2013.

Unlike Studio 8H, the room at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is being held, is rather large and expansive. So those jokes that only get a couple of laughs? During a traditional Weekend Update on a Saturday night, you’ll hear that one guy chuckling. At CES? It appeared as if Strong was greeted with plenty of crickets.

Thankfully things did start to pick up about halfway through and then were saved by the appearance of Kenan Thompson as Rev. Al Sharpton. Who knew he was such a big fan of soy?

Cecily Strong at CES CES 2014: SNLs Cecily Strong Brings Laughs to Yahoo Keynote

The Weekend Update bit came towards the end of Mayer’s Yahoo keynote address in which she announced quite a few new ventures for the internet giant as well as reminding others of the things they have accomplished in the last year.

One of the biggest stories from Yahoo is that they are making further progress into the field of smart TV with the announcement of Yahoo Smart TV. The app, which will be available on select TV’s, will allow things like the ability to view fantasy football stats while watching a game, or recommendations on what to watch next based on your viewing history.

In May of this year, Yahoo purchased the social blogging site, tumblr. If you were like many who wondered what on Earth a company like Yahoo would potentially do with tumblr, it became much more clear during this keynote. Tumblr creator David Karp took to the stage to announce that targeted ads would be coming to the site thanks to Yahoo, but the real news was Yahoo using the tumblr tech to push forward two new ventures this new year.

Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food will be two daily “magazines.” David Pogue explained that Yahoo Tech will be a magazine, using tumblr’s “infinite scroll”, that is designed for those who may enjoy tech things, but don’t necessarily speak the tech language. A tech magazine for the everyman.

While Yahoo still finds themselves firmly planted in Google’s shadow, the internet stalwart is making strong moves towards regaining some of their previously held marketshare in the tech and media world.

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