Chinese Chetwood Skyscrapers to Clean Surrounding Air & Water

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A pair of kilometer high towers have been proposed for construction in Wuhan, the most populated city in China. But they won't just be tall - they’ll actually clean the polluted lake next to where they’re being built.

While the Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been the worlds tallest tower since 2010, at a height of 830m, UK architectural firm Chetwood think they can hit the full 1000m. While tall buildings such as this require a massive amount of power, the architects plan on using wind turbines, solar panels, and hydrogen fuel cell to generate all of the power needed by the tower. By doing this, the tower will actually manage to generate a small amount of excess power, which will be used for the surrounding area.

china tower Chinese Chetwood Skyscrapers to Clean Surrounding Air & Water

The designers also hope to combat China’s notorious smoggy skies. By covering the tower in a pollution-absorbing coating, they’ll be able to clear the air around it. A series of vertical gardens will be also be used to filter pollution, and a chimney in the middle of the tower will draw air across the lake for better ventilation.

Water being brought into the building will pass through a series of filters, cleaning it on its way in. Once the water is pushed back out of the building, it is enhanced with air which will make the polluted lake healthier. This is also being done passively, as they aren’t using and power to pull the water up from the lake into the tower.

While the architectural firm is currently awaiting mayoral approval, they believe that the project can be completed by 2017 or 2018 at the latest. In comparison, that’s 2-3 years less than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai took to build. If the pair of towers are built, perhaps this will lead to future construction incorporating environmentally friendly designs.

The more China expands, the better their environmental policies need to be.

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