Chinese Space Opera Trilogy coming to US

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A wildly successful Chinese space opera epic is coming to the US courtesy of a new translation in 2014. The Three Body trilogy by Liu Cixin has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in China, renewing interest in hard science fiction in the country.

The new translation comes from from multiple-award winning author Ken Liu, who won the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Award in 2012 for his translation of ”The Fish of Lijiang”, by Chen Qiufan for Clarksworld Magazine.

According to Liu, “The Three Body Trilogy is a grand, imaginative work probing into the problems facing humanity using the language of hard sci-fi. The first book, The Three Body Problem, is a first-contact story like no other, and questions some blithe, popular assumptions we hold about what it would be like to make contact with alien civilizations. In a sense, I see Liu Cixin as working in the traditions of a hard sci-fi master like Arthur C Clarke, but with a contemporary, non-Western perspective.”

When asked about what the books bring to American audiences, Liu notes that they provide a different perspective on the world: “American readers might be particularly interested in the way the book engages with issues in Chinese history and contemporary Chinese society, and I think they will find the book’s non-US-centric view of twentieth-century history intriguing.”

Image: Chongqing Publishing Group, Chongqing Publishing House

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