Chris Gore on Surviving Comic-Con – A Geek Twitterview

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You might have heard of Chris Gore. Then again, maybe you haven't. Either way, that's alright by him.

As our Twitter interview below shows, he has little interest in the trappings of celebrity when it comes to the mega-spectacle called San Diego Comic-Con. He would rather spend his time talking comics and movies over a beer at a hotel bar than walking the red carpet for the next big studio party. Chris Gore is a geek’s geek.

So when we gave him the opportunity to share his tips on how to survive the biggest comic and pop culture convention in the galaxy, he gave us as much information as we could fit in the latest issue of Geek.

We caught up to him for a little pre-show chat on Twitter to get his thoughts on the state of geekdom as its portrayed at the most beloved yet polarizing event of the year.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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