Chris Pratt Surprises Kids At Guardians Of The Galaxy Screening

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Can Chris Pratt get any more likable? The answer is invariably 'Yes!' as Pratt surprised a theater full of children after a screening of Guardian of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt showed up in New York for the early screening of his movie Guardians of the Galaxy, making an appearance at a charity event sponsored by the New York Daily News and Disney Studios. 250 screaming children and their families of Variety the Children’s Charity of New York and Children of Promise, which are charities that help fund arts and after-school programs for local children were shocked to see Star-Lord himself as the lights came up. Pratt entered after the credits began to roll, making an appearance in between ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Zoe Saldana and being the guest of honor at the Brickyard 400. All part of the promotional tour for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pratt stuck around long enough for everyone to take pictures with him and answer some of the children’s questions, looking visibly touched by their enthusiasm. He also offered some words of advice:

“I think you’re all very awesome… Take it from a kid who grew up having no money, struggling hard to get by. Just know that if you stick to your path and you believe in yourself and be courageous enough to be yourself, you can grow up and you can be your own Star-Lord.” -Via

This isn’t the first time a Marvel superstar got directly involved with Marvel’s younger viewers. Robert Downey Jr. hosted a private screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a way to celebrate his birthday and “recognizing the cosmic miracle of Captain America 2 opening the same day.” Downey wrangled up 20 kids and watched a special screening of the movie in his own home. Marvel seems to make a point of never forgetting their younger viewers. Kids are their bread and butter. The enthusiasts who are begging their parents to see the next big installment of the MCU, free of cynicism; just looking for solid entertainment from their favorite heroes.

Take for example, the way in which director James Gunn chooses to anchor Pater Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) to a particular time of Earth’s history, the ’80s. Quill is always tied to his childhood, which is why so many ’80s rock tunes show up in the trailers and the film itself.

guardians of the galaxy milano Chris Pratt Surprises Kids At Guardians Of The Galaxy Screening

It was recently revealed that Quill names his ship The Milano after his childhood crush Alyssa Milano. Naming the stolen sentient vessel after a crush you once had when you were a kid reinforces that childhood connection both the character and the audience has. Pratt making an appearance for a bunch of kids, and giving them such heart-felt (or do you see it as tacky?) words of wisdom illustrates what Marvel, at its core, has always been about.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters August 1, 2014.

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