Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen Nearly Reaches $2 Million Crowd Funding Goal

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Remember when I said Roberts Space Industries’ goal of raising $2 million in crowd funding for Star Citizen was lofty? Well, it looks like I was wrong.

Two weeks ago, Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander and owner of RSI, announced Star Citizen. Rather than simply creating a Space Simulator, the plan was to make a “complete universe” where multiple stories could be told. Players will be able to follow a traditional quest structure or choose a career path and live a day-to-day life in their virtual realm. All this, according to Roberts, would be done in gorgeous graphics that would push the limits of technology.

A campaign was launched on the RSI website and eventually Kickstarter to raise the aforementioned $2 million. As of today, with a significant amount of time before each drive ends, the company has pulled in a whopping $1.86 million. There’s no doubt now that they will reach their goal before both drive’s end.

The $2 million provided by the fans will be tossed into a pot comprised of capital raised from angel investors and other RSI employees. Could the end result be anything other than magnificent with all of that dough? And, more importantly, will it include cheesy full-motion video scenes featuring Mark Hamill? Hopefully we will soon have some answers.

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