Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part III

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We are continuing our long and twisted path exploring the history of Cable, who truly is a product of the crazy X-Men mythology. Son of the leader of the mutant race, witness to the future of the mutant race, and protector of the destiny of the mutant race. Basically he is kind of a key character when talking about the mutant race. I may have overused the term mutant race.

Mutant race. Last time.

Anyways, our previous entries covered Cable’s early years spent in the future, as well as his beginning legend in the present. While his past up to this point is anything but typical, what is still to come can be considered even crazier than what we have already covered. Crazy in fact doesn’t cover it, but we’ll get to that.

Here’s what I pulled out of the Comic Box:

Soldier X

comic box the convoluted case of cable part iv soldier x Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part IIICable’s time as Soldier X was short but sweet, and lasted only 12 issues. It brought Nathan back to his roots (err, the present day roots) as a soldier of fortune, and he did some world traveling while dealing with the temporarily weakened TO virus in his system. While this slightly beefed up his powers, he mainly stuck to his guns by using a lot of guns. The TO virus eventually replicated and regained it’s hold over Nathan’s body, but at the end of his time as Soldier X his power had reached a peak unlike any Nathan had seen before.

I did enjoy this take on Cable, but it never really took off and we weren’t left with too much to remember it by. Some key parts of the series was some of the training we got to witness behind Cable, showing off some of his unique strategies and talents that can only be learned as a soldier of his caliber.

Cable & Deadpool

While both Cable and the Merc-with-a-mouth Deadpool have had many run-ins over the years, nobody ever really expected the two of them to have a friendship that would end up defining them both. Both Wade (Wilson AKA Deadpool) and Nathan had been created by Rob Liefeld in the ’90s, and both recently had series cancelled, so what better plan then to put them in a book together? Turns out it was a book that really, really worked.

comic box the convoluted case of cable part iv deadpool Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part III

In their first outing together, both were working a separate case and ended up having their DNA mixed in such a way that when one of them teleported, it automatically brought both of them to the same destination. While Cable had given up his ability to teleport (or Bodyslide, as he called it) Deadpool still frequently teleported, dragging Cable along with him. This often resulted in some very humorous “odd couple” like adventures. During this time Cable would also restructure his long abandoned space station Graymalkin into a floating fortress he mentally controlled that he called Providence.


Cable would embark on a new mission as the self-titled ‘Saviour’ of humanity, and welcomed any and all onto his island city of Providence. Here, along with Deadpool, Nathan found a new role for himself that was quite different from any he had experienced before. In the past he was a weapon, a general, an X-Man, and a mercenary. On Providence he preached peace and understanding, all while sharing his beliefs in the Askani religion he had learned growing up in the future.

comic box the convoluted case of cable part iv domino Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part III

This period of time featured some great moments, like Cable taking over the war torn country of Rumekistan, and seeing a new Six Pack put together to investigate Providence. In his new belief of peace, he asked the governments of the world to destroy their armaments which caused a retaliation that Cable defended against with just his telekinesis, proving how powerful he really had become. Cable and Domino somewhat rekindled their long running romance, he revived Apocalypse in order to give the X-Men a worthy threat to deal with, and was reborn as a baby only to rapidly age back into the man he had become, albeit with reduced powers. Pretty ordinary stuff.

comic box the convoluted case of cable part iv baby cable Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part III

While Nathan and Wade quite often didn’t see eye to eye, their forced partnership eventually grew into a pretty deep friendship, and saw a change in not only Nathan’s actions, but in Wade’s as well. The series lasted 50 issues, and lodged itself securely in the hearts of Cable and Deadpool fans alike.

Rogue’s X-Men

During his time on Providence Cable rejoined a team of X-Men led by Rogue. The team featured Iceman, Sabretooth, Mystique, Omega Sentinel, Lady Mastermind, and Cable’s former protege Cannonball. While Cable’s time with the team wasn’t as consistent as some of the other members due to his responsibilities on Providence, he was a valued member and acted almost as a second in command of the team. Once again dealing with his reduced powers, Cable played the role of the tech/strategies/big gun carrying member of the team.

comic box the convoluted case of cable part iv rogues x men Comic Box: The Convoluted Case of Cable, Part III

His realtionship with Cannonball was strained as they had drifted apart over the years, but the respect and love for each other was clearly evident. During this time he would assist the team as they fought the Children of the Vault, Pandemic, and the Hecatomb. They would also deal with the Marauders (generally pawns of Mr. Sinister), whose new members included both Gambit and Sunfire, who had previously been turned into Horsemen of Apocalypse. It would be these two members who would end Cable’s involvement with this team of X-Men.

The Death of Cable

Now, obviously since this part is called “The Death of Cable” it means we have to be nearing the end of Cable’s story, right? Wrong. But I’m getting ahead of myself. While on Providence, Cable was the first target in a strategic set of attacks by the Marauder’s against the X-Men, in an effort to find the Diary’s of Destiny, a mutant who could foresee the future. Cable was attacked by both Gambit and Sunfire, who had been powered up by none other than Cable’s lifelong enemy Apocalypse. Ironically enough, Cable was the one responsible for Apocalypse’s revival earlier, so he really only had himself to blame. Sunfire and Gambit apparently succeeded in their mission, and both Cable and Providence were considered destroyed.

Obviously that can’t be the end of our journey, so we will once again have to continue looking through the Convoluted Case of Cable next week. Be prepared for some mind blowing events, a new path for Cable, (who probably isn’t dead, spoiler alert) as well as a new member of the Summers clan.

As always, here are some more pics of this period in Cable’s life to tide you over until then:


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