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Comics collectors are a special breed. If you're anything like me, then you have at least a couple thousand issues neatly bagged, backed, sealed, boxed, and kept at a fifteen degree angle to press out air.

Every few months you go through these towering stacks to catalog what you have, what you still need, what could be replaced with a better grade, what grades you have, what covers you need, and after all this you STILL find something you thought you had but now you can’t find! What a mess! And as much as I enjoy the me time, it takes FOREVER and I’d rather be spending my Fridays out with the guys kicking back cold sodas and killing orcs in Pathfider. So what’s a dedicated geek to do!? I present to you a wonderful thing: Comic Collectorz. This is a cheap, simple, and well thought out program for collectors. And while the Collectorz program also provides the same quality for people looking to catalog their music, movies, games, and books, I’ll be focusing on the comic side of things, because that’s what I have. So let’s dive into this wonderful creation, shall we?

I first heard of this, of all places, on Facebook. It caught my eye while scrolling and I gave it a click. What I found was a web based program that could be accessed by PC, Mac, tablet, or phone, which is great for comic shop hopping! You can add and modify your lists as you buy easily from your phone. The program gives you a free 30 day trail to play around and see if you like it, but it is limited to 100 comics and 200 searches. It’s a financially risk-free trial as they don’t require a credit card up front to use it. It is, however, based on a subscription plan when you do decide to buy. But at $19.80 for the online version (which I recommend) per year, $29.95 for the standard download, or $49.95 for the pro download, it’s worth every cent. There’s even a version for your mobile devices and tablets for $9.99 that lets you take your catalog on the go, right into the comic shop, allowing you to sync your data through the cloud as you pick up your pull list or drool over the ultra pricey variant on display. A simple scan from your device’s camera adds them to your list, whether you bought it or hope to own it someday.

Once you get your screen name and confirm you email, it gets fun! You login and are greeted with your most recent additions neatly lined up to view as well as a total of how many issues you have, what you still need, and what you’ll have in total once your wish list is complete. Click the blue banner above the comic images that says “My Comic Collection” and you’re taken to your work page. Here everything is beautifully organized to view quickly and easily (it brings tears to my eyes thinking of it, so beautiful)! The left displays every series in your collection in a scroll bar and the top allows you to view what you have, what you need, or everything together. You can also choose to view your collections by cover image, lists, or “detailed lists” which is basic information and cover image. This is great for people who like to collect different covers but can never remember what they look like. You can also view the lists by publisher, format (hard cover, trade, magazine, ex.), or collection status (have versus need).

To add to your lists you simply press “Add Comic” at the top, here you can type in what you want to add, perfect for adding small amounts of comics, however, when I buy comics it’s in bulk, so to save time I bought a bar code scanner! That’s right; Comic Collectorz lets you scan the bar codes of your comics to find them instantly in their massive data base. They sell some brands from the site which they show off when you first sign up. I got the cheapest one, the CueCat Scanner for $19.95. No program needed. Just plug into the USB port and you’re ready to go. It’s white and shaped like a kitty cat! Just pass his glowing red nose over the bar code and BAM there’s your exact comic! I’ve had no problems at all with it and don’t see why you’d have to buy the more expensive ones offered. Plus, it’s a kitty cat! Why wouldn’t you want one? From here simply select if you’re adding it to your collection or to your wish list.

And it gets better! Once added you can put in a mass of information. The program puts in basic information like publisher, format, issue number, cover price, when you added it to the program, and the creators. But then you can add notes like: have you read it, what condition it’s in, what you paid for it, what it’s worth is now, what grade it’s in, where you bought it, and even personal notes. For example, I was once given a mint copy of a comic from the writer’s personal stash. You can even share your newest add on your Facebook or Twitter, as well as share your entire collection by sharing the web address of your collection page.

The long and short of it, my fellow geeks, this is a MUST HAVE for big time collectors! It’s beautifully done and simple to use. I give it a 9 out of 10 only because the only complaint I have about it is that you can’t print out the lists of what you have or need. But if it was too easy, it wouldn’t be as fun, right?! So give it a look see here at

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