Comic-Con ’12: DC to Publish Django Unchained Comic

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Director Quentin Tarantino dropped by yesterday’s "DC: Before Watchmen" SDCC panel and mentioned that an adaption of his upcoming film, Django Unchained, would be released by the publisher.

Rather than a shot-for-shot adaptation of the film, the Django Unchained comic will draw directly from the script. Tarantino spoke at length in the panel about how his more “epic” films would be “four hour movies” if he left them in their original state. “…what’s really cool about doing a ‘Django Unchained’ comic book,” he said, “is that it’s the entire script.”

No artists or additional writers have been linked with the project as of yet. There wasn’t a solid release date named either, but Tarantino did say the first issue should be out “a couple months before the movie.”

It’s refreshing that they are adding new elements to the film rather than directly adapting it. Tarantino seems incredibly jazzed about working in comics; here’s hoping his enthusiasm sticks around and he’s able to do other work with DC. Can you imagine what a Tarantino-penned Batman graphic novel would be like? Make it happen, DC!

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