Comic-Con ’12: Marvel to Publish New Ultimate Iron Man Series

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In October, Marvel Comics will release a new Ultimate Iron Man miniseries featuring a storyline called “Demon in the Armor,” not to be confused with regular Iron Man’s “Demon in a Bottle.” The book comes from the creative team of Nathan Edmondson, a newcomer to the Marvel Universe, and Matteo Buffagini.

“’Demon in the Armor’ is very much about legacy, heritage and generations,” Edmondson told Newsarama in an interview posted today. “Tony Stark is a character of legacy; both his company and his talent is inherited from his father, who was part of a very intricate world before Tony took his first steps as a superhero.”

The aforementioned/linked Newsarama interview contains the most information the internet has to offer on the forthcoming book; so, if you wish to learn more and see a bigger piece of artwork included in this post, click away.

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