Concrete 3D Printer Used To Build Castle…in Minnesota

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A Minnesota man has developed a 3D printer that uses concrete...and he’s built a castle with it as well.

Andrey Kudenko, contractor by trade, has taken to building a concrete castle in his backyard. Standing at 3 x 5 meters, this castle just happens to be the worlds first 3D printed concrete castle, and one of the largest objects every created using a 3D printer. Unable to find a commercial solution to his idea, he set about creating a printer on his own. Utilizing an Arduino microcontroller and a set of special drivers, he was able to create a device that allows for printing free-layering concrete.

3d printer concrete 600x450 Concrete 3D Printer Used To Build Minnesota

The printer at work…

Though he’s had the idea to create easily constructed housing since he was in his teens, the technology didn’t exist to make his dream a reality. Since then, he has gone on to gain experience in architecture and engineering, and in that time, technology has finally caught up to his imagination. With the first structure successfully printed, he hopes to use it as proof that this concept, and his machine, is the future of the construction industry. Until then, he aims to refine his designs and make a machine that can be used to print a livable structure in one continuous print.

control 600x450 Concrete 3D Printer Used To Build Minnesota

The control panel

Though he only started the project two years ago, he has a lot to show for his determination. He is also currently looking to collaborate with interested designers, architects, and software engineers to expand on his designs. He also needs space to eventually print a full sized house using a re-designed 3D printer. If you or anyone you know wants to help him out, you can contact him, maybe you can be part of what he calls a new era of architecture, all driven by the power of 3D printing.

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