Could Friday the 13th Reboot Be a Found Footage Movie?

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Talk of a new (or to be more precise, another) remake of Friday the 13th, starring the Crystal Lake slasher Jason Voorhees, have been floating around the internet for quite some time now, but nothing concrete ever seemed to come out of these murmurs and rumors.

Now it would seem that a possible director has come forward for the Friday the 13th movie, and it throws an interesting light on where the film franchise could go from here on in.

The proposed director (according to the website The Wrap) is V/H/S director David Bruckner, whose segment Amateur Night showed the consequences of (among other things) drinking, one night stands and filming women against their will. He also co-directed the 2007 horror flick The Signal and is currently putting the finishing touches to Intrusion, another movie to join the ever expanding home invasion genre.

The franchise has already gone through one reboot attempt in 2009 with director Marcus Nispel’s version of Mrs. Voorhees baby boy’s murdering spree. The main reason I can see that this film did not grab audience’s attention or love was because it lacked any flavor. In cinematic turns it was strictly vanilla and felt out of place with its counterparts in the series. Now it is unknown at this stage whether David Bruckner’s version will fall into the same trap or if he will want to go the found footage route with this, but there is a good chance he may. Is this choice of movie a good fit for Jason?

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The Friday the 13th movies have had their highs and lows and for the most part have always been fun to watch, even on a purely popcorn horror level. The main fun of these movies is the surprise element to them. Where is Jason going to pop up next, what weapon will he dispatch his prey with and will he catch those pesky sex obsessed teens? How well all of this would relate to a found footage movie is unclear. The Glitch segment of V/H/S (where a killer pops up only in a warped image on the tape and is invisible to everyone else) gives us a possible idea of the feel a found footage Friday the 13th movie could have if done right.  But that segment was only a few minutes long and had the novelty of a warped image killer. Will the movie still work as a feature and do the fans actually want the franchise going in this route?

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In bringing Jason back to cinematic life something needs to be done to make him relatable to new fans and keep the old fans happy as well as winning the fans hearts (and through that their wallets). Maybe this could be the right way about it. Until more news arrives on this it is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that the film will be released on Friday the 13th, 2015 and so if nothing else they have got that spot on. Keep checking Geek for more information as it arrives.

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