Could Squirrel Girl Be Heading to the Big Screen?

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The newest rumor from Marvel and Disney focuses on an an extremely left-field character who has become a fan favorite in the comics, Squirrel Girl.

Bleeding Cool posted the official trademark paperwork citing Squirrel Girl as the latest superhero to possibly get the movie or television treatment. The paperwork also states that the words “Squirrel Girl” could be used for “[P]aper and paper articles, cardboard and cardboard articles, printed matter, publications, books, photographs, portraits, paintings, stationary, office and school supplies, temporary tattoos, foam stamps, party bags [and] shopping bags.” In short, it looks like Disney and Marvel are planning for big things.

But, you might be asking, who exactly is Squirrel Girl? She was created by Steve Ditko, who co-created Spider-Man. Squirrel Girl, whose real name is Doreen Green, uses her ability to control squirrels to take down supervillains. Since her first Marvel appearance in 1992, her tenure as a Marvel hero has been… interesting. She is a mutant who has squirrel-based powers, after all. But despite her oddness, she and her squirrel friends have defeated several big bads all by themselves, including Doctor Doom, Terrax, MODOK and even Thanos. She is an operative of the Great Lakes Avengers and New Avengers. She’s also the nanny to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter, Danielle Cage.

Squirrel Girl vs Doom Could Squirrel Girl Be Heading to the Big Screen?

Word on the street, states Uproxx, is that Squirrel Girl might become a character on one of Marvel’s television shows, either as a character on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or more likely, as a pal to Jessica Jones, one of the four Marvel Netflix properties in development. The most likely appearance of Squirrel Girl would be on one of the animated series on the go now, but who knows what else is down the pipeline for this character.

Before you cry a river about the ridiculousness that is Squirrel Girl, remember that it appears we’re entering the next phase of Marvel’s expert takeover of the big and small screens. They’ve navigated the franchise waters well; now that they have several big tentpole characters seared into our consciousness, they now feel they have enough latitude to bring some of the more obscure characters to light. Take Guardians of the Galaxy, for instance. One of the biggest fears of the film surrounded Rocket Raccoon, and if movie-goers would actually buy his existence. He’s now one of Marvel’s standout stars. Perhaps we’ll see him chasing some squirrels in the near future.

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