Stan Lee Media’s Lawsuit Against Disney Dismissed in Court

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Stan Lee has created some of the most iconic characters created in comic book history today.

From Avengers to the X-Men these characters have been the stars of stage, screen and television around the world. They have been featured in comics , video games, movies and other media, and the amount of cash they generate is mind boggling. Recently a company known as Stan Lee Media sued Disney for the rights to these characters.

For a little background, Stan Lee Media was an internet start-up with Stan Lee that handled some of Stan Lee’s newer creations and ventures. The company collapsed and Stan Lee wisely parted ways from the company. Stan Lee Media (also known as SLMI) has had a history of lawsuits over various properties including suing the creators of the last Conan movie.  Most of these lawsuits have been dismissed as they have no grounds on these cases.

Back in October of last year SLMI had filed another lawsuit against the Disney corporation. They had stated that this lawsuit was in response to profits that the Marvel Studios films earned. And with such successes as Iron Man, Thor and the blockbuster Avengers they have made at least 5.5 billion in worldwide showings.

However, history seems to have repeated itself as a judge has dismissed this lawsuit against the Disney corporation. Judge Martinez not only dismissed the lawsuit but also called it “completely frivolous”. The judge also warned SLMI against using the courts in such a fashion. So Disney’s claims to the rights of the characters remains legitimate, and Stan Lee Media adds another failed lawsuit to its already less than impressive history.

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