Free Enterprise Launches New TV Series On Kickstarter

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Celebrating the 15th of the original motion picture Free Enterprise, the film’s writer/producer Mark A. Altman (The Specials) and director/writer Robert Meyer Burnett (Star Trek: TMP Blu-rays) announced the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign to produce a pilot for a new TV series based on the comedic cult classic.

The movie revolved around two down-and-out film producers who cling to their nerdy obsessions and geek knowledge while facing mid-life crises. The film is famous for its depiction of William Shatner, playing himself in grand-parody as a Shatner fallen-from-grace, drunk, and lonely, all done for comedic effect.

The new TV series would be a love letter to Star Trek and all things geektastic from two lifelong devotees of genre filmmaking and fantastic pop culture, and will feature an all-new cast of characters who will cross paths with a number of notable “nerdlebrities” along their travels.

Kickstarter Free Enterprise Series Free Enterprise Launches New TV Series On Kickstarter

Joining the Free Enterprise TV series team will be Emmy award-winning comedy director David Rogers (Seinfeld, The Office, The Mindy Project). Unlike many other Kickstarter projects, the Free Enterprise TV series has the added bonus of seasoned industry vets as well as a notable property that has gained an impressive cult following for 15 years.

“Rob and I could not be more excited to be revisiting the Free Enterprise universe 15 years after the release of the original movie,” series producer Mark A. Altman said of the project. “This is a chance for fans to see themselves as they really are and will be the only show depicting sci-fi fans with a life. It could probably best be described as The Big Bang Theory meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

It will give fans the chance to be involved with the show on a very intimate level. In addition to being involved with the show, there will be the usual Kickstarter goodies in the form of t-shirts and autographed posters, and even a chance to appear in the TV pilot itself. Additionally, some truly special additions will be announced later on this week.Free Enterprise Free Enterprise Launches New TV Series On Kickstarter

“This is a chance for us to make our show the way we want to make it,” says Burnett. “We don’t have to answer to a studio or a network, only the fans who will make Kirk-starting this series possible.”

For those who want more information on the Free Enterprise TV series Kickstarter campaign, the filmmakers will be in attendance at the GEEK Magazine booth at Comic-Con (Booth #4437) and also participating in a 15th anniversary Free Enterprise reunion panel, moderated by Access Hollywood chief film critic, Scott Mantz.

The panel will take place on Friday, July 25th in Room 24ABC with a screening of the film in the Marina Ballroom at 8:15 PM that night.

In addition to visiting the Free Enterprise Kickstarter, you can also follow ongoing developments on Facebook at Free Enterprise – Television Series.

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