CW’s ARROW – Green Arrow Breaks Free from the Comics

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CW’s ‘Arrow’ breathes new life into the dark hooded hero.

Geeks rejoice! CW has premiered their latest entry into the live action comic world, Arrow, and it’s awesome. Following the story of The Green Arrow, Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, a once-was hedonistic millionaire saved from an isolated island after five years of surviving alone. Now with a new sense of justice and a battle hardened body, Queen is on a mission to grant his father’s dying wish, to right the wrongs of his city. However, getting shipwrecked and stranded on an island for five years has left its mark on Queen’s psyche, how much though is still unknown.

Just to make things clear, this isn’t your chivalrous Robin Hood tale. The analogy only goes as far as stealing from the corrupt and giving it to the downtrodden, a green hood and a bow and arrow. What’s left is a hero with some serious issues. Queen is the typical comic book prodigal son: a millionaire, genius, philanthropist, alcoholic, walking psyche patient. Think Bruce Wayne mixed with Tony Stark on the rocks with a splash of absinth. The thing to remember is that The Green Arrow was one of the first comic books to be directed primarily at adults. That means the conflicts and interactions are meant to appeal to adults. Although Arrow may be aimed more towards a teen and young adult audience, it does not mean that the show is any less fun to watch.

The Green Arrow has been portrayed in many media including comics, animated series and a part in the live action television series Smallville. But now, instead of getting forced to the sidelines, The Green Arrow gets a chance to flex his muscles and prove to the world that he, too, is a character deserving of the spotlight. Arrow did just that, and the pilot episode held nothing back when it literally started with a bang! Accompanied by smooth narration from Queen’s perspective, content guided story-line and a few small flashbacks from the accident, watchers get to gradually see what molded Queen as they begin to understand his plight.

What’s interesting about this series versus others are the cold, calculated decisions made by Queen in an effort to keep his loved ones safe, keep the public distracted and make sure the baddies are kept in their place. Every action that Oliver (Ollie) makes is that of a tactician, leaving no subtle hint left unnoticed. To top it all off, elements of parkour; capoeira; professional wrestling and guerilla warfare are all fused to create our efficient and determined hero. If you want to see the kind of action I’m talking about, you might want to check out the Injustice: Gods Among Us – Green Arrow trailer.

Hardcore Green Arrow fans may have some qualms about this interpretation but they should also be pleased to know that this series promises to be as riveting and action packed as the comic, filled with unrelenting ferocity against his enemies. And with successes like Smallville under the CW’s belt, it’s only a matter of time before Arrow becomes a household name.

The second episode of ARROW airs tonight at 8PM on the CW.

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