Dan Harmon in Negotiations With Fox for Multi-Camera Comedy

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Community creator Dan Harmon is potentially returning to network television. Earlier today, TV Guide broke the news that he’s currently in negotiations with Fox to write a mutli-camera comedy for the network. In 1999, Harmon and Rob Schrab (Scud: The Disposable Assassin) co-wrote the pilot Heat Vision and Jack, which features a super intelligent Jack Black and a talking motorcycle named Heat Vision voiced by Owen Wilson. He has had no other projects with the network.

While it was never shown on television, the Heat Vision and Jack pilot was eventually uploaded to the internet and managed to win a large cult following. Would things have been different had it been made after Harmon’s success with Community? Due to its extreme quirkness, I’m going to say probably not; however, anything is possible. Certainly there’s no doubt the weight his name now carries will help his new project off the ground.

Even if the negotiations fall through, Harmon will hardly be bored. He and Justin Roiland are still developing Rick & Morty, their animated series for Adult Swim.

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