Dark Horse Comics to Lose Star Wars License After 2013

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A long time ago in the galaxy we currently occupy, Dark Horse Comics became the official home for Star Wars comics. Their first series set in that 'verse, Dark Empire, ran from 1991-92. Multiple books followed of varying degrees of quality. Blue Sky Disney reports that their reign is almost at an end. Their contract with Lucasfilm is set to expire next year; after that, Disney will pass the license off to Marvel Comics. They, as you may recall, published the first Star Wars comic series from 1977-86.

At this year’s New York Comic-Con, Brian Wood announced that he’d be writing a new Star Wars ongoing series set immediately after the original trilogy. He stressed that his books would ignore the prequels altogether, which excited many. How will Disney’s decision to give the license to Marvel affect Wood’s book? Well, at the very least, we’ll get a year’s worth of it. I can’t imagine they’d drop the project after building up so much hype for it. If it does well enough, perhaps Marvel will pick it up.

The Blue Sky post proposes an interesting “what-if” scenario. They mention Marvel possibly creating a new imprint to exclusively handle the Star Wars license. Microsoft Game Studio did something similar when they created 343 Industries to handle the Halo franchise. It worked out well for them and I believe it’d also be an ideal setup for Marvel and Star Wars.

If I was in charge of Disney, here’s what I’d do: Let Dark Horse continue to publish books directly tying into the original series. Anything related to the new Star Wars films Marvel would handle. That’d give everyone what they wanted!

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