DC Ends Superboy, Birds of Prey, All-Star Western & More in August

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DC's August solicitations have revealed six titles that will be ending, including a few that helped launch the New 52.

DC has definitely been dedicated to keeping fresh titles coming in while they remove some of the lower selling ones. Obviously this can be a good move in some cases, but infuriating in others when a loved title gets cancelled. In August we will see a few titles that have been around since the dawn of the New 52 release their final issues, along with a couple of newer titles.

Superboy 34 DC Ends Superboy, Birds of Prey, All Star Western & More in AugustAll-Star WesternSuperboyBirds of Prey, and Batwing will all be delivering final issues, which isn’t too unexpected. All-Star Western has delivered a great story with fan-favorite character Jonah Hex, but experienced declining sales. As did Batwing, which experienced a complete overhaul a few months ago with a new character and creative team taking over the title. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray worked on both series, and will be moving onto Star Spangled War Stories featuring G.I. Zombie.

Birds of Prey started strong, but struggled to find its place in the New 52. Whether it was the Gotham event tie-ins or the time spent wrapping up dangling Team 7 plotlines, BoP just didn’t have the same draw as its pre-Flashpoint incarnation. Superboy suffered from a complete character overhaul that didn’t appeal to fans of the pre-Flashpoint  completely. Even the newest direction fell flat, and I for one am not too upset about the finale of this series.

The last two series getting the axe will be Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger and Trinity of Sin: Pandora. Both titles seemed to explore the new face of the New 52 and featured heavily in the “Trinity War” event and the more recent “Forever Evil: Blight” storylines. With the third member of the Trinity left to establish his foothold in the New 52 completely, we would expect the rest of the Trinity to return when The Question gets his moment in the spotlight.

Phantom Stranger 22 and Pandora 14 DC Ends Superboy, Birds of Prey, All Star Western & More in August

Thankfully, when DC removes a series from their lineup they are always quick to replace it, with GraysonSuicide Squad, Teen Titans, Infinity Man And the Forever People, and of course Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity all launching soon. With the recent launch of the weekly series’ Batman Eternal and The New 52: Futures End, along with the upcoming Earth 2: World’s End, DC manages to continue to provide new, fresh comics while continuing to introduce new characters into the New 52.

What are your thoughts on the recent cancellations? Sad to see any of these six series end, or are you excited for the new crop of titles that will replace them? Let us know on the GEEK Facebook page or in the comments section below!

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