DC Comics Moves West To Burbank

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After 80 years in the Big Apple, the DC Comics Division of DCE will move its operations to Burbank, CA to join its Digital and Collectibles Divisions. The news confirms speculation that started with the formation of DC Entertainment in 2009.

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson indicated in a letter sent to employees that the move will not happen overnight and that most of the relocating will take place in 2015. So far there’s little information on which employees will move or stay. With so many of DC’s talent – such as Jim Lee and Geoff Johns – on the West Coast it makes sense to have a facility that allows top creators to interface with the various multi-media projects happening around the LA area. DCE made it clear that their intentions were to better integrate the publishing operation with their film, TV, animation, gaming, and consumer product interests.

Johns released the following statement “Diane asked me to take our comic book world, embrace it (as I do) and use it to lead the creative charge on bringing it all to film, toys, television, video games, animation and beyond.” Perhaps DC has learned a few lessons from the synergy that Marvel Studios was able to produce with its highly successful phase one project. By having true collaboration between the creators and the various entities who will be telling their stories, DC hopes for a more competitive share of the Hollywood superhero market.

For most of the 20th century, New York has been the home not only for book publishing in general but comic book publishing specifically with rival comic giant Marvel Comics just a few blocks away. Only time will tell if Disney will see the wisdom in moving Marvel’s print operations out West as well.

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