DC Nation Returns to Cartoon Network on January 5

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Cartoon Network inexplicably delayed the return of their DC Nation block of programming - Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice and DC Nation Shorts- back in October. Via their Twitter account, they let us (and the show's producers, too) know that it wouldn't be back until January. The reason behind the delay was and still is unbeknownst to anyone outside of network suits. Thankfully, the tweet spoke the truth; it was announced today that DC Nation will return on January 5, 2013. The channel's new Batman computer-animated series, Beware the Batman, will be presumably be added to the block as well.

Are you excited about DC Nation coming back? Looking forward to Beware the Batman? My answer to those questions are as follows: yes and maybe. My apprehension regarding Beware the Batman is mostly inspired by a love-hate relationship with computer animation and the fact that Bruce Wayne/Batman won’t be voiced by Kevin Conroy. Peter Weller and Diedrich Bader are the only two I’d accept in his place. I’ll give the new guy a chance, though.

Head over to the Cartoon Network’s website for the full announcement and a fresh New Teen Titans short. They provided no embed code, or I’d have stuck it here to save you the trouble.

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