DC’s September Futures End Event Reveals Lenticular Covers

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Since the dawn of the New 52 a couple of years ago we have come to expect big things in September, as a line-wide event takes over the ongoing storylines known as Futures End.

Red Lantern 1a DCs September Futures End Event Reveals Lenticular CoversThis year we will be seeing our favorite characters 5 years in the future, with some very exciting changes displayed with the full crop of lenticular covers that were put together by Newsarama in two parts, covering Weeks 1 & 2 and Weeks 3 & 4 separately. All four weeks in September will be devoted to further exploring the near future of the New 52, an era we are currently seeing unfold in the pages of The New 52: Futures End, one of three weekly series that are all leading up to the next big event in 2015.

Of course, this big event hasn’t really been confirmed yet, but DC is teasing some big news to come at SDCC this year with their DC Band-Aid promotion, which so far has teased both SDCC and the pre-New 52 characters. In the comics, we’ve heard mention of a war between two worlds, which most are assuming to be between Earth 1 (The New 52) and Earth 2. There are also many clues pointing towards a coming Crisis, including the recently revealed Anti-Monitor, as well as many appearances by the iconic red skies showing up in the comics and various promo images.

Supergirl 1a DCs September Futures End Event Reveals Lenticular CoversSeptember’s Futures End event will undoubtedly drop even more clues as to the future of the New 52, so as you take a look at the released covers below and at the links provided, keep in mind that what we are seeing might be something planned for the characters, or it might just be a fun story set in a possible future. This September event follows Villains Month last year, and Zero Month the year before.

Some of the more standout covers reveal the new look for Wally West AKA Kid Flash, the new masked Superman that we’ve seen recently in the pages of The New 52: Futures End and an army of Batmen. Guy Gardner as a Blue Lantern, the return of the Heretic, and a number of new teams, partnerships, and tested relationships round out the covers and further hype up the September event. Some of our favorite covers are below alongside their lenticular version, with more at the above links.

One of our favorites has to be the Batgirl cover, which depicts multiple Batgirls as well as a new Bane-inspired design for the lead Bat-character on the cover, which might see the return of some pre-new 52 leftovers like Cassandra Cain or the Stephanie Brown version of Batgirl. Again, while some of these stories may feature important clues to the potential Crisis and war between worlds, some issues will be more independent and tell stories from a possible future, based on the series creators plans for the issues. We’ll have to wait until September to see more from these issues, but these covers have certainly piqued our interest.

Batgirl covers DCs September Futures End Event Reveals Lenticular Covers

Which cover is your favorite? Are you excited for the September event or are you not on board the annual event? Let us know in the comments section below or join the conversation on the GEEK Facebook page!

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