Deadpool: Test Footage- UPDATED: Hi-Res Video Released

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While always remaining skeptical when footage of this nature appears on the internet is a good idea, it seems like this time, this Deadpool VFX-heavy 'test' footage is actually real.

A Deadpool centric movie has been rumored since the first of Bryan Singer’s X-men films hit all the way back in 2000, and it seemed like with the appearance of Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a stand alone film wasn’t far away.  But Marvel fans were robbed, ROBBED I SAY, when Reynolds was cast as DC Comics’s Green Lantern/Hal Jordan instead, making the likelihood of a cross-comic-house film jump almost impossible. (I still think the best example of how awesome Ryan as Deadpool would be is Blade Trinity.)

There are several things that play into the credibility of the legitimacy of this 1:49 clip being “real vfx test footage”. One is the removal of the video on YouTube by Fox, who owns the movie rights to the character.  The majority of sites the video has been posted on have all been removed since this morning. Secondly, this tweet from Deadpool creator/artist Rob Liefeld.

Another clue is a small snippet being run by Latino-Review with their posting of the clip stating that ‘Tim Miller shot some test footage with Ryan Reynolds in 2012′. ScreenCrush ran the clip along with a quote from director Tim Miller stating that “Ryan is ready, I am ready, the fans are more than ready, we just need that elusive green light.” What this footage shows is a heavily rendered CGI layered test sample of how the character would look in a possible film, which goes in line with what Miller said in the previous piece.  There is also this interview on YouTube of Miller discussing the possibility back in 2013.

What we see in this clip is Marvel fan-favorite character of Deadpool, the often homicidal and comedic “Merc With A Mouth” whose real name happens to be Wade Wilson.  He has been around since his first appearance in New Mutants #98 (Feb. 1991), the red and black clad mutant was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza.
Deadpool 51 600x570 Deadpool: Test Footage UPDATED: Hi Res Video Released

With a wide variety of abilities ranging from extended longevity and immunity to telepathy, along with his Wolverine-esk healing factor, this expert swordsman with an arsenal of never ending imaginative toys is also never without a one liner.  His quips are part of what make him such an….I was going to say endearing, but that really doesn’t work for him.

It looks like there is even an entry on IMDB, but sometimes those listings can be added/edited before any real confirmations are known.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated as more information about this video becomes available, in the mean time, check Facebook and go grab some taquitos!

Update: Confirming that the leaked footage was real test video, Blur Studios has just released this higher-res version:

Images: Marvel Comics, Blur Studios

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