December Comes Early With New DC Collectibles Statues

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'Tis not quite the season to be jolly, in fact at late June it is really too early to be thinking of any season other than summer. Nevertheless it does not hurt to be prepared and DC Collectibles are definitely making sure members of their fandom will be satisfied over the winter period with their new collection of statues.

Geek has covered a wide selection of DC Collectibles before, and with statues and toys as diverse as Zombie Batman, Jim Lee designed busts and the redesigned The New Batman Adventures figures, it is hardly surprising that we too are fans. DC Collectibles are making some great and interesting interpretations of some of DC Comics‘ most beloved characters and with so much out in only a few short months, it seems they are on a roll.

Right now they seem to be gearing up for December and January shoppers with a wide selection of statues on sale during those months. With DC getting geared up for Batman’s 75th anniversary it seems appropriate that some of the releases focus on the Caped Crusader. The Black and White series continues to impress with two pieces based on the work of artist Dick Sprang. Batman and The Joker can now sit side by side in all their Golden Age glory. As per usual with this line, these new offerings are excellent. The sculpting (by Tony Cipriano & Josh Sutton) of these two characters is spot on and takes you straight back to the 1950s.

dc collectables holiday season batman black and white December Comes Early With New DC Collectibles Statues

They will be released in December with a price tag of $79.95. They are limited to 5,200 only.

dc collectables holiday season joker black and white December Comes Early With New DC Collectibles Statues

Sticking with The Joker, where would he be without his trusty sidekick Harley Quinn? Not very well as the recent Death in the Family storyline shows. Harley Quinn has really come into her own recently and this has made her quite the popular figure for collectors.  She has another statue in her honor, but this time it has a much more seasonal look to it. It is part of the Bombshells series and Holiday Harley will be released at the end of December, priced at $124.95 making her ready for 2015 holiday celebrations. Harley also pops up in a great black and white version of her Batman: The Animated Series character in this second edition of the popular statue. Bruce Timm designed this statue and it is sculpted by Jon Matthews. The bad news is that this statue is currently out of stock, but keep your eyes peeled as it will be back in stock soon. While you wait you could always look into purchasing this Superman statue from the animated series which will be for sale in December of this year priced $79.95.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a long way off, it seems DC Collectibles want to remind everyone where the older, bulky design for Ben Affleck’s Batman costume in the movie originated from. This new Dark Knight Returns inspired statue has the older Caped Crusader riding his way to battle on a horse and also celebrates 2014, the Chinese Year of the Horse. Sculpted by Tony Cipriano and Josh Sutton again and 14 inches high it is priced at $399.95 and has a limited run of 1000. It comes out at the end of December 2014.

dc collectables holiday season batman dark knight December Comes Early With New DC Collectibles Statues

Wonder Woman will finally get her big screen debut alongside Batman and Superman, and DC Collectibles have given us a festive statue of their New 52 counterparts enjoying the holiday season. Like the above statue, this will not be on sale till December 2014, but pre-orders are available right now for $99.95.

dc collectables holiday season batman wonder woman 600x750 December Comes Early With New DC Collectibles Statues

DC Collectibles are certainly getting their Batman v Superman related merchandise in early, as well as giving us a great selection of other statutes based on the stars of the DC universe. Keep checking Geek for more updates on future releases as they arrive.

Images: DC Collectibles

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