Deep Knowledge Ventures Appoints A.I. Board Member

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A Hong Kong Venture Capital firm have just appointed an Artificial Intelligence as a board member, and the move is making waves in the business world.

While Artificial Intelligence has long been used in the world of business, this is the first AI who has taken the place of a board member. Deep Knowledge Ventures will be utilizing the AI, dubbed VITAL, to conduct routine analysis of clinical trials, investigate new IP from prospective companies, and report its findings to the board. VITAL will also have the highly sought position of being able to cast the sixth vote when making company decisions.

While this is most likely a marketing ploy by Deep Knowledge Ventures, it makes one think about the future of business, and our daily lives. With AI and robotics already playing a key role in the military and manufacturing, will the day come soon where our jobs will be delegated to an AI counterpart?

According to a press release by Deep Knowledge’s senior partner Dimitri Kaminsky, “the prospect for utilizing this approach in portfolio management is very attractive.” He continues saying that “we were attracted to a software tool that could in large part automate due diligence and use historical data-sets to uncover trends that are not immediately obvious to humans that are surveying top-line data.”

That said, he has a point. Computers are great at rapidly analyzing vast quantities of data, all whilst being able to uncover trends that would not be immediately obvious to a human counterpart. Additionally, an AI program can run continuously without the need to sleep or eat, making for a “perfect worker.”

If we are to proceed as a society to a world where AI is utilized as workers, I hope we figure out other ways to make a living. Maybe we’ll end up like Star Trek, where one can pursue one’s interests for the betterment of oneself and society. Or, perhaps it will be like the Terminator series, and Skynet will destroy us all. Only time will tell though.

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