It’s RoboCop Day! Statue News, Tigers Games, and More!

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Back in March of 2011, long before Veronica Mars blew up and made KickStarter a household name, Imagination Station Detroit fulfilled their funding goal by raising $67,436 (with a goal of $50k) for the construction of a RoboCop statue in Detroit.

Now, more than three years later, it was finally time to unveil said statue, as what started as a joke is now being embraced wide-spread, as today has been dubbed “RoboCop Day.” Unfortunately, the actual presentation of the statue has been cancelled, but the events of the day continue.

ATTENTION ROBOCITIZENS: Despite false reporting with some media outlets [based on a press release from MGM], the RoboCop Statue WILL NOT be unveiled today. There was talk of participating in an event today and displaying some parts of the model. Unfortunately this proved to be logistically impossible. We plan on announcing the public location of the statue in the near future and when we are ready for a big reveal, you will be the first to know. In celebration of #ROBOCOPDay, the new Robo will be patrolling downtown today. Rumor has it he will be in Campus Martius at noon and the Theater District after that, before throwing out the first pitch at the Tiger game tonight. Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.

Along with the planned reveal of the statue, RoboCop Day is also conveniently the same Tuesday that Fox Home Entertainment have chosen to release the new Blu-Ray of the 2014 remake. Detroit Tigers fans will see the TinCanCop throw out the first pitch tonight at Comerica Park. Here’s hoping that RoboCop has a better arm than 50 Cent…

This all started a couple years ago, when former Detroit Mayor, and NBA Hall of Famer Dave Bing legitimized the idea by responding to it on Twitter.

ocp logo 1 300x300 Its RoboCop Day! Statue News, Tigers Games, and More!As it turned out, simply responding to this suggestion was all it took, and the internet ran with it from there.

The KickStarter campaign took off, and quickly reached its goal when a donation of $25,000 came in via San Francisco businessman Pete Hottelet. Hottelet runs a company called OCP so, this was probably pretty good advertising for him. 

Since that time things have been relatively quiet, and slow moving, with occasional updates to the KickStarter backers (ahem – that’s me) and not much else. That is, until today. And while they are not erecting the statue today, they are greeting it with some fanfare.

Here he is bumping fists with the mighty Joe Louis. This 2014 RoboCop is all over the city today, making stops at all the radio stations and hanging out downtown til the game starts tonight. As far as the statue goes, they haven’t even decided on a location for it yet, so we are still stuck with pictures of the unpainted behemoth for now. This is from the people behind the KickStarter:

You may have heard in the news today that the RoboCop statue was being unveiled in Detroit today. This was news to us! And not true news.

To be clear: the RoboCop statue is still on track to be finished later this year, and is still in the hands of Giorgio Gikas at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit, but news reports about it being unveiled today are incorrect.

Perhaps the miscommunication grew from the misreporting of an MGM promotion for the new RoboCop DVD where a person in a RoboCop outfit is walking around Detroit and throwing out the first pitch at the Tigers game tonight.

All official updates will come through this page.

Thank you for your cooperation, and Go Tigers!

Team Robo

Hopefully we will hear more soon and finally get a chance to see the finished statue.

robocop statue Its RoboCop Day! Statue News, Tigers Games, and More!

 Images: Fox Home Entertainment, KickStarter

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