Devon Aoki Goes from Sin City to Starling City in Arrow Season Three

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For fans of Black Canary and Green Arrow, Devon Aoki's recently announced character coming in the third season of Arrow is not that surprising.

Goes without saying, but if you haven’t finished season two of Arrow, stop reading this until you have. Actually, just go ahead and leave the internet until you’ve caught up because this is likely just the beginning of Arrow news this summer.

Katana DC Comics Arrow 300x461 Devon Aoki Goes from Sin City to Starling City in Arrow Season ThreeIf you did watch the season two finale, you know that Oliver Queen has finally “escaped” from the island. So is this the end of scenes involving Stephen Amell running through dense foliage? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of flashbacks. After all, there are still three years left before he makes his way back home.

As the flashbacks move away from the island and into Hong Kong, who will be there to help and/or hinder Oliver’s return home? Enter Sin City‘s Devon Aoki. She will be playing one of my favorite females in the DC Universe, Katana.

Wielding the swords for which she takes her name, Katana, aka Tatsu Yamashiro, is a badass who has an even more badass sword/katana named Soultaker. Somewhat like Zachary Quinto’s character Sylar in NBC’s Heroes, Soultaker does just that, takes the souls of those it kills and absorbs them, living on in the sword. There are many instances in the comics in which Katana is thought to be a bit nutty as she talks to the sword, believing that the soul of her husband, Maseo (who will be played by Karl Yune of Real Steel), is still alive in there.

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While Katana is probably most known for her time as a member of the Outsiders, it is more likely that her CW counterpart will be closer to a newer version of the character. A member of the Birds of Prey. Katana is reported to be Oliver Queen’s next mentor in his journey to “become something else.” Her appearance will also probably be a part of the whole “Black Canary origin story/back story/not really Black Canary because my name is Sara but don’t worry I gave my sister my jacket and that makes her the Black Canary now so shut up comic nerds thing”.

The arrival of Katana to Arrow does leave the door open for a very interesting and very unknown DC villain, Choke. Appearing in less than a dozen issues, Choke is one of those characters that seems perfect for the show. He is never fully seen and inflicts his damage through a drug that then somehow sets off a bomb in its victim’s heads. Very much like Count Vertigo in past seasons, but different enough that it would be interesting to see if the showrunners decide to go that route.

UPDATE: No sooner do I suggest that perhaps Choke will appear, it is announced that I’m probably wrong (this is nothing new as I’ve been saying Onomatopoeia needs to be on the show from the very beginning). It appears that instead of bringing on another villain who uses a drug, they are staying with Vertigo. After the death of Seth Gabel’s “The Count” in season two, Peter Stormare has been cast has his successor who will be known simply as Vertigo

It is not at all difficult to imagine Peter Stormare as Werner Zytle. All you have to do is close your eyes and you can hear him tell Queen that he wants to go to the “pancakes house.”

It is worth noting that Devon Aoki’s brother, DJ Steven Aoki, appeared in the first season of Arrow during episode 17, “The Huntress Returns” when Oliver’s club, Verdant, opened. Will Verdant be hosting another Steven Aoki night? We shall see.

One last note on Katana – I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the fact that you can play as Katana in Lego Batman 2! Viva la Lego!

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