Die Hard 6: Samuel L. Jackson Back in the Mix?

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After the travesty that was the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise the studio appears to be taking another stab at it. This time, it would seem they want to reunite John McClane with his old pal Zeus Carver for Die Hard 6.

Very few people out there are bigger fans of the first four Die Hard movies than yours truly, though I assume everyone hated the fifth movie almost as much as I did. The original Die Hard is the greatest action flick of all time, and the next two followups made for a great trilogy. The fourth movie, Live Free or Die Hard, while not as well received, was a fun nod to the spirit of the earlier films and still rather entertaining. A Good Day to Die Hard though? Well, that was pure garbage day, but with worse acting. At least Eric Freeman’s eyebrows didn’t mail in a performance like Willis did…

Anyhow, many thought last years installment had killed the franchise, but now El Mayimbe of Latino Review is reporting that is not the case. Fox has put out the word that they’re looking for writers to complete a script for the next chapter in the Die Hard story. Not only that, but it would need to involve the Zeus character as well. That likely means lots of yelling and swearing.

Of course, this is still in the rumor stages, and Latino Review isn’t always the most reliable of sources, but nothing about this doesn’t make sense. Die Hard 6 movie was coming regardless, and Jackson has never been known for being overly picky with his roles. The duo has a history of good onscreen chemistry (Unbreakable) and many believe Die Hard With A Vengeance is second only to the first movie, so re-pairing Carver and McClane seems to a given.

We normally don’t like to report on rumors, but this one just seems like such a given that I’m betting, even after a twenty year hiatus on the character, it comes to fruition…

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