Star Wars: Attack Squadron – Disney Blasts Into the MMO Scene

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Tired of blasting Womp rats with your T-16? Looking for danger and adventure? After its recent acquisition of all things Star Wars, Disney isn't wasting anytime giving you just what you want... Star Wars: Attack Squadron.

The recently announced MMO will have you taking down Imperial scum (or Rebel scum, as the case may be) in no time. The game promises up to 16 player dog fights in some of your favorite Star Wars locals, and, best of all, is free to play.

The game will feature three PVP (Player vs. Player) options, as well as ship customization. PVP options include a 16 player all out death match, team dog fights that allow you and your friends to team up to take out the enemy, and Base Defense. Sadly the site says nothing about joining up with the local furry natives, but rewards points are promised to allow players to upgrade and purchase new items.

Like most free to play online games it’s likely that there will be more advanced upgrades available for purchase with actual money, but for those with tighter budgets, the free to play platform should be quite popular.

While there is no release date announced, those with a strong need to bring balance to the force can visit the Disney website, Star Wars: Attack Squadron , and throw their name in the hat to beta test the game in the new year. No doubt there will be a few glitches, as is par for the course when it comes to beta games, however, the potential awesomeness should be well worth it

star wars attack squadrons teaser trailer Star Wars: Attack Squadron  Disney Blasts Into the MMO Scene

Spoiler: The trailer and game art feature ships like the Millennium Falcon and Slave- 1, but there is no word yet on what you’ll be able to fly. The site does promise new upgrades and ships available every month, giving gamers added incentive to keep coming back.

For those into something a little less intense or  who are not keen on PvP gaming, there is always Star Wars: The Old Republic, which gives players the option to play PvE (Player v. Environment) and RP (role playing). Also a free to play MMO, the game is a bit slower paced and has only recently added the type of star battle dog fights that Attack Squadron promises with its Galactic Starfighter update, though Starfighter offers only a PvP option.

Stay tuned as Geek awaits the beta testing and gets back to you with the latest in the Star Wars Gaming universe.

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