Disney’s Full ‘Paperman’ Animated Short Now Available on YouTube

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If you were among the people who got to see Wreck-It Ralph in theaters a few months back, you were probably pleasantly surprised by the animated short that Disney placed in front of the film. In stark contrast to Wreck-It Ralph's louder and more colorful presentation (which I enjoyed immensely), Paperman was a subdued little animated masterpiece. Done completely in black and white, except for a few hints of red where needed, and using a combination of beautifully hand drawn 2D and 3D animation, Disney gives us a simple boy-meets-girl story that's sweet and sublime. If you've got even a hint of a romantic buried inside you, this short film will give you the warm fuzzies. But even if you've got a heart of stone, it's worth a watch just for technical reasons. It makes me want to see an entire movie in this style.

Thankfully, since Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t get released on DVD and Blu-Ray until March 5th, Disney has given us the entire Paperman short right now on YouTube to tide us over until we can own it. Take a six and a half minute break and enjoy.

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