DC and Dynamite to Publish Django & Zorro Team-Up from Tarantino

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Django will ride again! Later this year, DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment plan to release a new series in which the titular hero from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained teams up with another do-gooder form the Old West, Zorro.

Django/Zorro will be co-plotted by Tarantino himself and Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel, The Shadow, Zorro); Wagner will author the final script.

“I’m very very excited about both this story and the opportunity to work with Matt,” Tarantino said in Dynamite’s press release announcing the book. “It was reading his Zorro stories that convinced me what a good idea it was to join these two icons together. And the story idea we came up with is thrilling, and I think will be an exciting new chapter for both characters.”

Zorro and Django DC and Dynamite to Publish Django & Zorro Team Up from Tarantino

“This project is an absolute thrill,” adds writer Matt Wagner. “When Quentin and I first met, it felt like we’d known each other for years. The give-and-take energy of our initial story sessions was just incredible! It’s a particular buzz to be writing Zorro once again… and especially to team him up with the magnetic lead character from Quentin’s most straight-up heroic movie Django Unchained! The Wild West is never gonna be the same once these two come to town!”

Last year, as you likely recall, DC’s Vertigo imprint released a miniseries adaptation of Tarantino’s original film; that project was handled by another team. This, as the aforementioned press release states, will be the first time the filmmaker has participated in a project that “explored the continuing adventures” of characters he created. Tarantino’s universe seems perfectly suited for exploring in the comics medium; here’s hoping we see more books from him in the future.

Even the modern, slightly more violent world of Zorro is lighter than Django’s. Wagner and Tarantino will undoubtedly be able to make it work well, though. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this team-up in the comments below or join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page.

Image: DC Comics, The Weinstein Company, Dynamite

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